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PWA water alarm w sensor_resizedWhat is water intrusion and how can I prevent flooding?

Water is always around the outside perimeter of your basement foundation wall. The reason for this is that we sit on a clay base under the topsoil where your foundation is located. Your home is designed with a drainage system built on the outside to direct the water away from the foundation and divert it to your sump pit. The sump pump then discharges the water outside your home to keep you safe and dry.

If your sump pump fails or you have a power outage, water will fill your sump pit and eventually your home. Even the unfinished basement will suffer potential loss as your mechanicals (furnace, water heater, and possibly laundry equipment) are subject to damage. Everyone dreads the word mold and rightfully so. Mold is now being found to cause many respiratory issues along with allergy issues.

To protect against this, a top quality primary sump pump and a battery backup sump pump system are your only real defense against Mother Nature.

Rapid Maintenance Inc. specializes in the latest technologies such as high volume sump pumps that are energy efficient, water alarms, dual float switches, and battery backup sump pumps designed to keep you dry.

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